Day Tickets


Northwich Anglers Association is now ONLY offering DAY TICKETS in store.

These can ONLY be purchased at the below destination.

80 – 88 Station Road

The price of a Day Ticket is £6.00 these can be purchased in advance of your session but are ONLY valid for the date written on the ticket and from 06:00 am to 21:00 pm and can ONLY be purchased from the below dates.

16th of JUNE to 14th of MARCH

DAY TICKETS are only valid on the RIVER WEAVER and the RIVER DANE.


MATCHES are held on the river weaver and are at varying locations dates and locations can be provided in store or checked in the match fixtures section on our website.

These will change each season so PLEASE check when and where they are prior to your session to Avoid any disappointment as you will be asked to move.

PLEASE abide by the below club rules Thanks.

Day ticket holders must follow all the clubs rules, a summary of the most important rules is below.

  1. Are not allowed to fish any earlier than one hour before sunrise and no later than one hour after sunset.
  2. Must co-operate ,assist and comply with requests of bailiffs or Association officials.
  3. Must at all times carry their day ticket ( all details filled in ) and their current environment agency rod licence,and must produce both when asked to do so.
  4. Must not deposit litter of any kind.
  5. Are required in assisting the Association in keeping our waters tidy by removing any litter they encounter on the bank before starting to fish.
  6. Must not take metal cans or glass bottles onto any Association water.
  7. Must not leave rods with baited lines unattended.
  8. Must not posses or consume any alcoholic drink whilst on Association waters.
  9. Must unless mutually agreed allow at least 12 metres between themselves and the next angler.
  10. Must return all fish including pike and eels to the water at the point of capture.
  11. Must not keep carp or other specimen fish in keepnets,carp sacks or any other type of holding device.
  12. Must not fish within 30 metres of any overhead power cable.
  13. Must when fishing for carp,pike or other specimen fish use an unhooking mat.
  14. Must not prune or cut down any trees,cut grass or undergrowth,dig pegs or otherwise damage the bank or towpath,interfere with stone walls or fences.
  15. Booked matches take priority.
Day Ticket£6.00