Rules & Constitution

PLEASE NOTE:  It is your responsibility to check and observe the rules specific to the water you are fishing and in addition to ensure that you have parked legally and that you use only the appointed access routes shown in the Association map book.  Any changes to the Rules or other information contained in the handbook will be notified to members via the Association’s website, or on notice boards at the venues concerned. The Association operates a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on issues such as litter and the possession of alcohol. The Management Committee will close or place restrictions upon the use of any water where such issues become problematic.

The Management Committee reserves the right to close any water either for maintenance purposes or in the interests of conservation or fish welfare.  Members are requested to take every step to ensure the welfare of fish at all times.  As well as the use of adequate tackle, members should avoid excessive handling of fish or prolonging their stay out of water for weighing and photographing. The use of products designed to promote healing of spawning scars or other injury is also encouraged.

Remember: minimum handling = maximum conservation.  The Association will not be held responsible for legal action taken against any member who fails to comply with the law.

In granting membership the Association offers no guarantee or warranty as to the condition of the waterway, its banks or towpath.  Furthermore, the Association will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage,howsoever this may be caused.

General Rules

1. A close season from 15th March to 15th June inclusive, shall apply on the following Association waters:

i)   River Weaver (including Marshall’s Arm and the Old River at Vale Royal).
ii)  River Dane
iii) Wincham Brook (fishing for trout with artificial fly or worm only during this period).
iv) Big Billinge

2. A maximum of two rods may be used at any one time, except on Budworth Mere and Pickmere where three rods may be used.

3. The use of any line not connected to a rod is strictly forbidden.

4. Members without a night fishing permit are not allowed on Association waters any earlier than one hour before sunrise and no later than one hour after sunset.

5. Only senior and senior citizen members in possession of a night card may night fish Association waters where night fishing is allowed.  The only exceptions to this are:

i)  at Petty Pool, where fishing is allowed from 5.00 am. to 10.00 pm.throughout the year.
ii) at Big Billinge and Eyres Pit, where junior members may night fish if accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

Note: a) The parent / guardian must hold a night permit, b) Both must share the same peg and no more than two rods may be used.

6. No camping or sleeping in cars in Association car parks is allowed.

7. Unless mutually agreed, anglers must allow at least 12 metres between themselves and the next angler.

8. Members must cooperate, assist and comply with the requests of Bailiffs or Association Officials.

9. Members must, at all times, carry their Membership Card (complete with photograph and name and address), and their current Environment Agency Rod Licence, and must produce both when asked to do so.

10. Dogs are not allowed to accompany anglers.

11. Bloodworm may not be collected from, or used on any Association water.

12. Up to 6 small fish may be caught in a session and used as live or deadbait providing:

i) They are caught, and used, at the same water.
ii) Any which remain unused are returned to the water at the end of the session.

The use of dead game, sea or coarse fish for bait is also permitted. All other fish, including pike and eels must be returned to the water at the point of capture.

13. No carp or other specimen fish may be kept in keepnets, carp sacks or any other type of holding device

14. Keepnets must be made of an approved material and be at least 3 metres long. Keepnets must not be used on any Association water between March 15th and June 15th inclusive, except in bona fide matches on still waters and on the following venues, where they may be used throughout the year:

i)  Budworth Mere
ii) Trent & Mersey Canal

15. Members must not deposit litter of any kind. This includes toilet waste which must be disposed of safely, either by burial or removal. Members are required to assist the Association in keeping our waters tidy by removing any litter they encounter on the bank before starting to fish.

16. Members must not take metal cans or glass bottles onto any Association water.

17. Fishing is not allowed within 30 metres of any overhead power cable.

18. Members wishing to play radios or other audio equipment may do so providing

the volume is moderated so that it does not disturb others.

19. Where stages are provided Members must fish from these and not from the bank.

20. Members fishing for carp, pike or other specimen fish must use unhooking mats. On no account must fish be placed on a hard surface, such as a landing stage.

21. Members must be in possession of a landing net of a size appropriate to their intended quarry.

22. Members must not leave rods with baited lines unattended.

23. Members may only pre-bait swims on the following waters:

i) Budworth Mere
ii) River Weaver
iii) River Dane
iv) Pickmere Lake.

24. Members must not use excessive quantities of bait or feed. Any member considered to be doing so will be ordered to leave the water.

25. The use of boats, including bait boats, either for fishing or applying bait, is not permitted on Association waters.

26. Members may not posses or consume any alcoholic drink whilst on Association waters.

27. Members may use small petrol or gas fired stoves but the lighting of open fires and the use of portable barbecues is strictly forbidden.

28. Members must not carry weapons of any kind. Specifically members are forbidden from carrying or using any firearm (including air guns) unless
authorized to do so in writing by the Management Committee.

29. Members are expected to ensure that those they are fishing with are also members of the Association. Non members fishing Association waters are committing a criminal offence and disciplinary action will be taken against any member aiding and abetting this offence.

30. The use of leadcore and fused or braided leaders is strictly prohibited.

31. Any adult member on production of their own membership permit may request members to produce theirs for inspection.